Will the video be part of a bigger plan or a stand-alone piece?

Video content – New and rapidly emerging market

Have you ever thought why youtube is the number two search engine in the world? Because It doesn’t show long articles which visitors may not want to read. It simply plays videos of your interest. When everyone is talking about high definition, high quality, high resolution, why not to use video content for marketing.  you can watch this video –  Calgary video production.
If it were a three years in the future, would you be reading this article or watching it? Video is the bright future of content marketing. Nielsen claims that 67% of the marketers expect video to market their products in the early future. It’s not difficult to see why.

As you can see each and every website has one small part of video’s. It helps visitors to get the basic idea in just few seconds. you can visit http://www.videoproductioncalgary.com/, The question here is, will the video be a part of a bigger plan or a stand-alone piece? An answer is, it won’t be a part of a bigger plan, but it is itself a bigger plan. These days, billions of video content is being viewed in new and different ways. If a picture paints 1,000 words then 1 minute of video conveys 1.9 million or more.
Statistics says, 95% of the online buyers are video viewers and 85% of the online spending comes from the customers who have watched a video ad. See the following list which justifies why video is dominating all over the world.

* Facial area makes viewer to pay attention to faces.
* Moving pictures grab attention.
* It won’t take much time of a busy day.
* Sound of a human voice talking to us conveys more and rich information.
* Information provided is easy to visualize and that’s why leads to a immediate response.
* Conveys contagious emotions, that viewers love to watch and share.
* It doesn’t need to learn any technology to record a video.
* It helps you to build large number of audience.

If you feel online video is just one over hyped fad, think again. Now each and every tool available to consumers is going online. take a look at Calgary Brands multimedia. Producers need to find a way to deliver content that works for their consumers. And a video surely and effectively does this. So, a video content just not helps you to increase audience but gives your website a feel good effect.

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