Calgary Corporate Video

Create a Calgary Business Video to Reach More Consumers

Look into a Calgary business video to promote your services or products locally. With the ever growing digital world, it is important to create advertising mediums your customers and clients can watch on their own time, in these fast-paced times of laptops, smartphones and other portable viewing devices. Consumers want to be able to research, shop and find what they need, while on the go to save precious time.

For Promotional Purposes
Create videos you can place on your company’s website and in digital newsletters or email marketing campaigns. You want these advertisements to be short and concise, drawing watchers into learning more about your business when they have more time. These videos need to make an impact to stay fresh in the minds of your target market. A talented videographer is a must to create a professional marketing tool you can use in multiple ways to gain more customers. Check out for detailed information on video production and what it can do for your company’s marketing plans. These initial videos, usually ranging from only a few seconds to a few minutes in length, need to convey your message with professional imagery to support it.

For How-To Videos
One of the best ways to gain more clients is to offer them free insights into your industry, with your Calgary business video. For example, if you own a cleaning company, create a series of videos with small tips on housekeeping, such as how to remove certain stains from a carpet or the best products on the market for taking care of heirloom wood furniture. If you own a beauty salon, offer a weekly series of makeup tips or personal beauty secrets from the staff at your salon. Tailor each video to address the questions you get asked the most by your clients, and you’ll be promoting your services or products, while gaining the trust of potential customers. Create how-to videos, as well as general advice on your area of expertise. Make sure to end your videos with an invitation for watchers to give you feedback on what they want to learn from you, as well as their own personal tips and hints. Let customers know you really listen to them, and take their praises and criticisms under consideration in everything you do. You can also visit

For Corporate Events
If your company holds an annual charity dinner, silent auction or other event to support local organizations, utilize a local video production company, such as the one found when you click here, to videotape the event. Let your neighborhood know you care by placing these videos on your website, as well as by submitting them to local news outlets. This not only gets the word out about a cause your firmly support and believe in, it also promotes your company in a positive way. Create a sense of community involvement by highlighting your loyalty to assisting in local issues. In return, you’ll gain loyal customers who wish to support you in your professional endeavors.

A Calgary business video is a great way to promote your company, as well as network with other neighborhood establishments.  also check this,  Calgary digital marketing agency  and  Calgary online marketing it will be a big in video production. Hire local businesses to keep your neighborhood strong and to help it continue to grow.

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